NAVER Business Platform

Integrated IT Infrastructure Service Enterprise

NAVER Business Platform was established through a spin-off from NAVER Corporation, a Korea’s top internet portal, as an IT specialized enterprise to provide services encompassing from operating IT infrastructure to providing enterprise solution service for NAVER and its affiliates.

NBP is making its utmost endeavors for enhancing the values of its clients, NAVER Corporation and affiliates, based on its prompt and stable operation technology for IT infrastructure in response to the globalization and mobilization of internet service.

Based on its 10 years of expertise in operating the business, NBP has accumulated an extensive IT infrastructure technology meeting the ever-changing needs of customers and service. With such firm ground, NBP has acquired LEED PLATINUM, the US certification awarded to eco-friendly building, for the first time as Korean portal by establishing a data center named ‘GAK.’

The effort of NBP to create new values still continues even now based on the IT expertise that it has built while developing a cutting-edge technology for NAVER server, mobile and Ncloud technology, knowhow accumulated while setting up infrastructure globally as well as the solution specialty for operating extensive infra assets which range with those of other world-class premier internet portals.

NAVER Business Platform Corporation
Company Name NAVER Business Platform
Date of Establishment May 1, 2009
CEO Weongi Park
Business Area IT Infra Operation & Enterprise Solution Service
Headquarters Green Factory, 6, Buljeong-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Business Registration No. 129-86-31394