at 1784, we turn innovation from theory into reality.
The wide range of technologies at NAVER unlocks the path towards the future
and possibilities unimaginable in the past, all enabled by experiments, challenges and convergence.

Turning Innovation
from Theory
into Reality

1784 is the name and lot number of NAVER’s new office building,
and the number also stands for the year when the first Industrial Revolution began.
Just like how the Industrial Revolution brought about groundbreaking changes to humanity,
1784 is a giant testbed on which we continue to challenge ourselves and experiment for a better future.

What makes
1784 special
Tech Convergence
Enabling technologies
for experiments,
and bringing them into reality
The ‘Tech Convergence Platform’ connects and converges
world-leading robotics,
autonomous driving, AI, 5G and
cloud developed by NAVER.
Rookie, a service robot;
ROBOPORT, a robot-only elevator;
WORKS Assistant that brings convenience to our employees;
and a smart control system are
all embedded on the platform.
New Normal
1784, the new norm of the future
of work in a post-pandemic world
A separate HVAC system we have
built with care to prevent infection
and protect the health and safety of
our employees.
The quarantine advisory committee
assesses the overall design of
NAVER’s work environment.
NAVER affiliated clinic that provides
advanced medical treatment
and services.
Eco-friendly infrastructure
that is energy-efficient
Double-skin facades and a radiant
cooling system that allows
energy conservation and
harnessing of renewable energy.
Our eco-friendly work environment
encourages the use of reusable
cups and AI recycling.
Brand film