NAVER's affiliates connect people to people and redefine narratives.

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Started in 2011 as a messaging app, LINE has grown into a diverse ecosystem of services that are popular around the world. Offering products in AI, fintech, payments, delivery, content, and more, LINE is dedicated to “Closing the Distance,” not only between people but in all aspects of their lives, making everyday life more productive and enjoyable.

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Founded in 2013 as NAVER's research center, NAVER LABS spun off as a separate entity in 2017 to focus its research on ambient intelligence in various areas such as autonomous driving, robotics, artificial intelligence, and geospatial data. NAVER LABS' mission is to develop an ambient intelligence that improves its users' environments, proactively understanding and providing needed information and services. In line with this mission, distinguished NAVER LABS researchers from both Korea and Europe have committed themselves to understanding NAVER users' locations, and to shaping the future of a mobility that will connect those locations.

NAVER Business Platform

NAVER Business Platform (NBP) was spun off from NAVER as an independent entity. Specializing in IT, NBP manages the IT infrastructure of NAVER and its subsidiaries, including online security, cloud and IDC services. In 2013, NBP opened South Korea’s first eco-friendly IDC (Internet Data Center), GAK. In 2017, NBP launched NAVER's cloud platform service, building on its solid IT infrastructure management experience.

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Launched in May 2017 as a NAVER subsidiary, NAVER Webtoon is South Korea’s main digital comics platform. With its core business of creating and distributing web comics and web novels, NAVER Webtoon is currently in the process of expanding its services to global markets.

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Works Mobile

Launched in April 2015, Works Mobile offers cloud-based B2B services, mainly in Korea and Japan. With years of experience in mobile and cloud services, as well as its technology and security systems, Works Mobile provides a wide range of services for a better workplace.

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Launched in September 2015, SNOW began as an experimental project within NAVER subsidiary CampMobile. Guided by the motto, “Share your daily life, have fun and live!” SNOW continues to demonstrate steady growth in the global market. Spun off as an independent company in August 2016, SNOW is now focused on expanding its share in the video market through its collaborative efforts with LINE services.

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