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NAVER Shares a New World of Technologies with Global Developers at DEVIEW 2021

NAVER Shares a New World of Technologies with Global Developers at DEVIEW 2021


- Annual conference features 116 sessions, highlighting the latest breakthroughs, technologies and real-world applications by NAVER developers in search, AI, cloud and more

- 8,000+ people pre-registered for the ‘LIVE BOOTH’ where they can chat online with NAVER’s technology departments and recruiters

- Keynote speakers introduce NAVER’s technologies, infrastructure and metaverse ecosystem that are challenging the global market


Seongnam, Korea (Nov. 24, 2021) - NAVER Corporation (KRW: 035420) announced today that it is hosting its annual developer conference DEVIEW 2021 from Nov. 24 to 26, 2021. Over the three-day virtual conference, NAVER is sharing its world-class, pioneering capabilities as well as advanced technologies under development for the future.


Now in its 14th year, DEVIEW has grown into a global conference where developers from Korea and other nations gather to share the latest technologies and industry trends, united by the values of ‘Excellence, Sharing, Growth.’ Since 2017, the event has featured presentations from prominent researchers in vision, text, machine learning, UX and ethnography from NAVER LABS Europe, the company’s global artificial intelligence (AI) research and development center.


DEVIEW 2021 features 116 sessions, highlighting the latest breakthroughs, technologies and real-world applications by NAVER developers in the fields of search, AI, cloud computing, robotics and more—all of which went live on the event site and NAVER Engineer TV at 10 a.m. today.


During the three-day conference, each technology team is hosting ‘LIVE BOOTH’ Q&A sessions and recruitment consultants, for which over 8,000 eager applicants have signed up to receive in-depth information about leading technologies and insights on the types of talents the company is seeking. Specific time slots are listed on the event site.


Under the theme ‘NAVER’s technology navigating globally, and a new challenge’ this year, the conference features eight keynote speeches by NAVER technology leaders in various key technology areas that are driving the company’s globalization. The keynotes are divided into three parts, covering the following themes:

· Global Pursuit: Bringing NAVER's technology to the world

· World-class infrastructure: platform and cloud supporting the global services

·  Preparing for the Future: NAVER's innovative technologies



<Part 1> Global Pursuit: Bringing NAVER's technology to the world

In the first keynote part, Mr. Sung Nako, Executive Officer of CLOVA CIC (company-in-company); Mr. Choi Jae-ho, Executive Officer of NAVER Search CIC; and Mr. Park Chan-kyu, Global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of WEBTOON; introduced NAVER’s globally competitive technologies and services. Mr. Sung and Mr. Choi, who are leading NAVER’s CLOVA and Search businesses, both emphasized that hyperscale AI is playing a key role in the company’s global expansion.

Mr. Sung introduced examples of NAVER’s AI-enabled services, such as CLOVA Note and CLOVA FaceSign in everyday life, and accelerated growth of AI-powered services by HyperCLOVA, the world’s first hyperscale AI model.


Mr. Choi spoke next, emphasizing that Korea’s leading search engine is continuously enhancing its capabilities to compete with global tech giants. NAVER is improving its technologies and infrastructure, particularly hyperscale AI, by utilizing its robust content database, generated by various small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and creators on NAVER’s platform, and localizing its services based on user needs in a different region.


Global CTO Mr. Park closed the first part with his presentation about the WEBTOON Story Tech platform that features tools, such as ToonRadar, WEBTOON AI painter and WEBTOON Assisted Translation, to connect more creators with audiences around the world.


<Part 2> World-class infrastructure: platform and cloud supporting the global services

For the second keynote part, Mr. Kim Sung-kwan, Executive Officer of NAVER Platform Labs; Mr. Cho Seong-Taek, Executive Officer of NAVER ETECH; and Mr. Choi Woong-Se, Head of NAVER Cloud Research Center; explained NAVER’s differentiated technologies and the scale of infrastructure and cloud which support the global operation and expansion of numerous services.


First, Mr. Kim unveiled Fixture Monkey, an open-source framework that allows developers to directly create and automate edge cases. He revealed that NAVER is securing various technologies that support transition to cloud-native business, including operating technologies for servers, storage, and networks. Next, Mr. Cho introduced NAVER’s emerging technologies, emphasizing the importance of identity, communication and relationships to develop more competitive services as non-contact is becoming more common in the post-pandemic age. Finally, Mr. Choi ended the second keynote part by introducing various services and technologies offered by NAVER Cloud to enhance developers’ efficiency in the midst of the current cloud transition trend.


<Part 3> Preparing for the Future: NAVER's innovative technologies

In the third and final keynote part, Mr. Kim Hyo, Executive Officer of NAVER Whale, and Mr. Seok Sang-ok, CEO of NAVER LABS, detailed NAVER’s forward-looking efforts.


Mr. Kim unveiled NAVER Whale Desktop 3.0 and NAVER Whale Mobile 2.0 and said the two web browsers are evolving constantly through users’ participation. He also introduced new platforms for education, such as Whale Book and Whale OS, saying, “We will create a highly localized yet globalized browser that will elevate Korea’s standing in the industry.”


Delivering the final keynote at this year’s conference, Mr. Seok introduced ARCVERSE, a metaverse technology ecosystem that will be built on NAVER LABS’ advanced technologies, such as autonomous driving, robotics, 5G, AI, NAVER Cloud and digital twins, which is a virtual representation of a physical object or process that serves as its real-time digital counterpart.


“NAVER LABS’ mission is to connect NAVER’s online platform with the real world,” Mr. Seok said. “Through ARCVERSE, various data and services from the real world and digital space will organically interact with each other. This will be possible using digital twins to create a virtual world; real-world interacting technologies, such as robotics, autonomous driving and augmented reality; and solutions like 5G, AI and cloud to bridge the gap between digital spaces and the real world.”


Mr. Seok concluded his presentation by saying, “As ARCVERSE contains all the solutions and systems that NAVER LABS has been researching for many years, we will continue to introduce interesting and surprising services through cooperation with local governments, companies and academics.”