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NAVER Z partners with global hotline network INHOPE to fight CSAM

NAVER Z partners with global hotline network INHOPE to fight CSAM



NAVER Z, an affiliate of NAVER Corp. (KRX:035420), announced their partnership today with INHOPE, a global members’ organization whose mission is to enable the rapid identification and removal of online child sexual abuse material. 

NAVER Z partners with global hotline network INHOPE to fight CSAM 

Through this partnership, NAVER Z and INHOPE will continue to raise awareness on the critical issue of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and promote the channels available to seek help and report content. 
Founded in 1999, INHOPE began as a network of just 8 hotlines in Europe. Now, it manages and supports an international network of 50 hotlines across 46 countries. Each hotline allows members of the public to anonymously report online material they suspect may be illegal. Once submitted, reports are investigated by hotline analysts who are able to act to remove any content that is determined to be illegal. 
In addition to its global network of member hotlines, INHOPE works with law enforcement, NGOs, and members of the tech industry to drive projects centered around its key strategic pillars of Capacity Building, Technology & Innovation, Network Expansion and Strategic Communications.
With INHOPE, NAVER Z joins partner organizations– including Google, Meta, TikTok, Interpol, and Tech Coalition– whose funding and participation directly supports INHOPE’s efforts to develop technology that streamlines the secure detection and removal of CSAM, establish more hotlines in areas where resources are lacking, and support training, knowledge sharing, and government engagement.   
As the host to Asia’s largest metaverse platform ZEPETO, NAVER Z is committed to ensuring the safety of its community, especially younger users, as well as preventing the potential abuse of its platform to spread CSAM. 
This partnership with INHOPE builds on its foundational commitment of prioritizing minor safety, alongside NAVER Z’s ongoing engagement with Tech Coalition, ConnectSafely, BBB National Programs, and Trust and Safety Professional Association.
“As a technology platform, it is our duty to actively prioritize the safety and security of our communities. We are honored to partner with INHOPE to fight child sexual abuse material online,” shared Jun Young Ro, Vice President of Trust and Safety at NAVER Z. “CSAM is a whole-of-society issue that requires a whole-of-society response and we are proud to support a leading organization whose mission is to not only provide channels of access for those in need, but also develop the technology to securely identify and remove harmful material that could re-victimize the abused.”
“The technology and reach of the Metaverse is only accelerating the crossover of the virtual and the real worlds and as with all technology, bad actors are ready to abuse opportunities. INHOPE vision of a world free of CSAM online includes the metaverse and INHOPE believes ZEPETO will strengthen the power of the public in responding to online CSAM.” - Samantha Woolfe, Head of Partnerships and Network Expansion at INHOPE.

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INHOPE is the global network combatting online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). The Network consists of 50 hotlines in 46 countries that provide the public with a way to anonymously report illegal content online with a focus on CSAM. INHOPE is based in the Netherlands and our member Hotlines operate in all EU member states, Russia, South Africa, North & South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In a borderless digital world, CSAM has global consequences. As CSAM increases, so do our efforts and those of our partners to combat it, aided by funding from the European Commission under the Better Internet for Kids Programme. Join us in the fight!