What's on your mind? me2day

NHN’s microblog service me2day allows users to share their daily trails and tribulations via the mobile and Internet environment using 150 letters.

  • No. Subscribers 13 million
May, 2013

Service Intro

Introducing Korea’s first “home-made” micro-blog service

me2day is a micro-blog service where users can enter 150 letters to share information on their daily life with friends and families. The 150 letter ‘small talk’ breaks the barrier between the Internet and mobile environment and is helping me2day solidify a position as the next-generation network service leader.

Creating a new way to communicate

me2day is a totally new platform that connects the Internet and mobile environments. Users can enter their thoughts into me2day using their mobile phone at any time, and that message is sent to their friend as a texted message. Users can share their thoughts with a large number of people without having to send multiple text messages. NHN is creating a new way of communication that is hassle-free.