AI Ethics Principles

NAVER respects AI Ethics Principles in the developing and using AI

AI Ethics Principles image

NAVER will create cutting edge artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology that can be easily and conveniently used as a daily tool by everyone. We wish to open new possibilities and opportunities by continuously striving to provide users with new experiences of connectivity. To this end, every one of us at NAVER will respect the following ethics principles in developing and using AI.

  • 01Developing Human-centered AI

    ​NAVER develops and uses AI as a daily tool for humanity. NAVER will prioritize human-centered values in developing and using AI.
    We have developed technology with the purpose of improving the daily lives of our users. We are also advancing AI so it can be used as a daily tool by people. We recognize that while AI can make our lives convenient, it is also not infallible like all other technologies used today. We will continuously follow and improve our AI so that it can be used as a daily tool by humanity.
  • 02Respecting Diversity

    In consideration of the value of diversity, NAVER will endeavor to develop and use AI that does not unjustly discriminate against anyone, including our users.
    We have created technology and services that enable connections to carry greater meaning through diversity. Throughout this process, we have provided various new possibilities and opportunities for users and endeavored to prevent undue discrimination that cannot be reasonably justified. We will continue this commitment as it relates to our AI services by striving to prevent unjust discrimination and providing experience and opportunities in which diverse values coexist.
  • 03Balancing Reasonable Explainability with Convenience

    NAVER will assist the convenient use of AI, while also fulfilling our responsibility to provide reasonable explanation to users when they interact with AI in their daily lives. NAVER acknowledges that the method and level of reasonable explainability for AI can vary, depending on the context in which the AI is used, and will take this into consideration as we endeavor to achieve this objective.
    We do not view the AI we develop as a technology for technology’s sake, but a tool that anyone should be capable of using with ease regardless of whether they have technical knowledge. While pursuing convenience in the service we provide, NAVER will also endeavor to explain our AI service in a manner that users can easily understand upon their request or when necessary.
  • 04Accounting for Safety
    in Service Design

    With safety in mind, NAVER will design AI services that do not cause harm to people at any stage of the service.
    We will pay attention to safety during all stages of designing and testing our services, including after the service is deployed, to prevent a situation where AI as a daily tool threatens life or causes physical harm to people.
  • 05Protecting Privacy
    and Data Security

    In the process of developing and using AI, NAVER will endeavor to protect the privacy of users beyond the responsibility and obligation proscribed under law that protects personal information. In addition, NAVER will apply designs in consideration of data security during all stages of our AI service, including its development.
    NAVER actively promotes the protection of users’ privacy beyond what is required and obliged under the law protecting personal information. We also apply designs in consideration of data security during all stages of our services so that users do not have to be concerned about data breaches while using the services. NAVER will endeavor to allow users to freely utilize our AI services to make their lives more convenient without having to be concerned about their privacy and data security.