Code of Conduct

In all its relationships and capacities, NAVER aspires to be recognized by its accountability
and trustworthiness, and to be an organization that abides by a strong code of ethics.

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  • Code of Conduct

    • Executives
      We strive to promote a workplace culture and environment that acknowledges and respects diversity, and helps executives reach their full potential.
      We provide reasonable compensation based on the executive’s abilities and outcomes, as well as an egalitarian work environment free from discrimination and bias.
    • Partners
      We ensure fair and reasonable terms for our partners and vendors, one part of our ultimate aim to contribute to an online ecosystem of mutually beneficial relationships.
      Through fair conduct in trade, and friendly competition with our rivals, we support inclusive growth.
    • Society
      We endeavor to do our part as a socially responsible corporation, respecting the regulations and values of our society and engaging in diverse social initiatives.
      When our corporate values conflict with social values, we privilege the social values.
    • Customers
      The values of our customers and users provide the ultimate criteria by which we evaluate our business practices, and we persistently strive to create value for our users.
      We strive to remain honest and trustworthy in all of our interactions with our users, and are committed to remaining attuned to the feedback of our users.
    • Shareholders
      We adhere to reliable business practices that lead to fair and stable gains, and promote these values among our shareholders.
      We value our shareholders’ trust, and thus we privilege transparency and prompt communication of important updates.
  • CEO's commitment for management of Ethics

    NAVER has been thoroughly implementing business ethics to grow with various stakeholders.
    Each employee is working transparently and honestly at each position. We will do our best to keep healthy partnership.