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NAVER established the NAVER Connect Foundation in 2011 as an independent nonprofit institution that would spearhead educational initiatives for the common good, transparently and professionally. The aim of the NAVER Connect Foundation is to revolutionize and democratize education— to make quality educational opportunities available to all, through new educational paradigms

and platforms. Whether through software courses for students of all ages, or training programs for future corporate talent, the NAVER Connect Foundation aspires to support the personal growth of individuals, driven by the idea of education as a lifelong process.

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01 Revolutionizing Education
With software education as a model, the NAVER Connect Foundation hopes to ignite change in education at large. By introducing new educational platforms, it hopes to provide the basis for maximizing learning potential.
02 Democratizing Education
The NAVER Connect Foundation aims to help education become a means to upward mobility by extending high-quality educational opportunities to all.

NAVER Connect Foundation Core Activities

  • Software literacy programs for elementary, middle and high school students and their teachers
    Play with Software Entry
  • Training programs to cultivate talent and careers in IT
    Boostcourse Boostcamp
  • Creating an environment for equal educational opportunities
    Edwith KHAN Academy