Data Center GAK

NAVER recognizes the importance of the environment for sustainable business,
and all NAVER initiatives are informed by environmental considerations.

Data Center Gak image
Data Center Gak
  • NAVER servers never stop,
    not even for a single second.

  • Designed to withstand earthquakes
    with a magnitude of up to 6.5

  • Can run for up to 72 hours
    after a power failure

For the future of the

A great deal of effort and numerous technologies went into ensuring that NAVER's data center, Gak, was as environmentally -friendly as possible. These efforts were recognized when Gak received LEED Platinum (LEED-NC Platinum V2009) certification, scoring higher than any data center in the world, at 95 points.

For the future of the planet Image
Green technologies
and PUE at a global

Gak uses AMU (Air Misting Unit) filters, an environmentally-friendly cooling technology, to maximize energy reduction. Due to such initiatives, as well as the use of alternative and environmentally-friendly technologies whenever possible, Gak maintains a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) that is closer to 1 than other data centers in South Korea.

Green technologies and PUE at a global standard Image
Harnessing the natural
environment for
sustainable energy

Gak was designed with the surrounding geography in mind, so that the wind could serve as a natural coolant for the servers. Environmental considerations inform other Gak initiatives, like using solar energy and energy from the heat of the servers to grow greenhouse plants, or using rainwater as a coolant or to extinguish fires.

Harnessing the natural environment for sustainable energy Image