Green Connect

NAVER not only strives to reduce its carbon footprint, but also makes effort to create a better environment by
improving energy efficiency with advance technology and increasing use of renewable energy.

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NAVER Data Center GAK

NAVER’s first data center GAK Chuncheon was established in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do in 2013, and is currently in operation with the second data center GAK Sejong being built in Sejong today.
Various technologies, such as the installment and operation of the snow melting system (i.e. hot wires that reuse heat) that keeps snow from freezing on inner beltways of Chuncheon, establishment/operation of renewable energy from solar power and solar heat, reuse of rainwater/heavy water, and use of a natural cooling system through indoor and outdoor air in server rooms, were introduced to continually improve energy efficiency at Data Center GAK.

NAVER Data Center GAK
Carbon Footprint Reduction
By using natural, open-air energy to cool the server rooms and reducing the use of electricity with high energy efficiency equipment, we reduce annual emission of carbon dioxide by one ton, which produces the same effect as planting approximately 7.17 million trees.
Power Use Effectiveness
Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is the total power consumed by an IT device, and the closer the divided value is to 1, the more power is reduced. Data Center GAK uses power through close operation of an automatic gear through the development/application of eco-friendly technology and various sensors and recorded a PUE of 1 in the early stage.
Data Center Server Room operates indoor air conditioning with natural outside wind 90% of the year and makes the effort to increase energy efficiency by controlling the cooling equipment with an automatic gear system in accordance with external environmental changes and internal IT load variations.
Renewable Energy
We constructed the snow melting system by producing nighttime outdoor lighting and electricity for greenhouse lighting with solar power facilities and using waste heat produced in the server rooms. NAVER minimizes impact on the environment by purifying and reusing rainwater collected on rooftops for landscaping.
NAVER Local Market
Eco-friendly Bags

NAVER, together with various institutions, supports stores registered on NAVER’s Local Market with eco-friendly bags made from 100% biodegradable resins to help increase the use of eco-friendly packaging. Eighty-two out of eighty-six markets received 500 to 8,000 bags per distribution over the course of three distributions. NAVER plans to continue its efforts to produce and distribute eco-friendly subsidiary materials this year along with the eco-friendly bags.

NAVER Local Market Eco-friendly Bags
Happybean Funding & Empathy Store
Happybean Funding is a win-win project that introduces and supports the growth of various social enterprises and their products as well as eco-friendly products to encourage those who change the world with smart and sustainable consumption. Happybean’s thirty-seven environmental projects fundraised approximately KRW 600 million in funding.​
Moreover, customers who shop at Happybean’s Empathy Stores on NAVER Smart Store, gets extra 1% NAVER Pay mileage points for every purchase. The number of Happybean’s Empathy Stores that sell eco-friendly products on NAVER Smart Store continue to increase from the twenty currently in operation.
The amount donated by environment-related groups through Happybean was approximately KRW 4.7 billion as of 2020 with a support of over 700 collection boxes.