NAVER Offices

NAVER recognizes the importance of the environment for sustainable business,
and all NAVER initiatives are informed by environmental considerations.

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Green Factory,
NAVER’s first office building

From the outset, Green Factory, NAVER’s first office building, was designed with the environment in mind. Each year the facility is able to reduce energy consumption by more than 5%. Energy-saving initiatives are also encouraged among employees, with staircases that announce the calories burned by taking the stairs, and parking spaces that privilege commuters who bike. These efforts were recognized in 2014 when the Green Factory achieved LEED Platinum status, with the world’s highest score in its category. In 2016, it was recognized with a Presidential Commendation by the Korea Energy Agency, the top honor for energy efficiency.

NAVER’s second office building

By taking into consideration of power usage in general office buildings, 1784, NAVER’s second office building, aims to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by saving energy. 1784 installed many devices and equipment to reduce energy used for cooling and lighting the building. In order to save energy used for cooling the building, 1784 installed two-layers of glass (double-skin façade) on the external wall of the building to prevent heat generated from the heated louvers from coming into the building. Cold water runs through the pipes installed on the ceiling to allow cold air to flow down to the floor from the ceiling (radiant cooling system). To save lighting energy, LED lights are installed in all areas of the building along with a smart lighting control system so that our employees could use the lighting system to only shed light on their individual office spaces as NAVER allows flexible working hours. In addition, 1784 has many eco-friendly infrastructures installed on premise including PV panels, a water thermal storage system, geothermal system, and a system to reuse rainwater and water used in everyday life. The annual energy consumption in 1784 is expected to be reduced by a maximum of 34% thanks to many of the aforementioned attempts. Along with Green Factory, NAVER’s first office building, 1784 was certified with LEED platinum. Besides its eco-friendly architecture, NAVER is making endeavors to become environmentally friendly together with our employees by replacing single-use cups used at cafes, which account for the largest share of the company’s waste in the office building, with reusable cups. A stand to return and retrieve reusable cups and an AI RECYLCING machine (an automatic recycling bin powered by AI) were designed and installed on every floor of the building.

  • 1784, NAVER’s second headquarters Image
  • 1784, NAVER’s second headquarters Image
  • 1784, NAVER’s second headquarters Image
  • 1784, NAVER’s second headquarters Image