NAVER Offices

NAVER recognizes the importance of the environment for sustainable business,
and all NAVER initiatives are informed by environmental considerations.

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NAVER Green Factory

From the outset, NAVER's Green Factory was designed with the environment in mind.
Each year the facility is able to reduce energy consumption by more than 5%. Energy-saving initiatives are also encouraged among employees, with staircases that announce the calories burned by taking the stairs, and parking spaces that privilege commuters who bike. These efforts were recognized in 2014 when the Green Factory achieved LEED Platinum status, with the world’s highest score in its category. In 2016, it was recognized with a Presidential Commendation by the Korea Energy Agency, the top honor for energy efficiency.

1784, NAVER’s
second headquarters

NAVER’s second headquarters will open officially in 2021. Designed for safety and low environmental impact, it’s currently under construction, with particular attention devoted to the safety of the local residents, noise and dust reduction, and the location of the driveway on the construction site. As well as being the first corporation in South Korea to use noise reduction equipment during construction, NAVER has also brought in noise and debris consultants, external auditors and UK safety experts to maintain a safe and environmentally-friendly construction site. These efforts were recognized in 2017 when the site received a citation for excellence in the maintenance of its construction environment.

1784, NAVER’s
second headquarters Image