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Founded in July 2005 with the aspiration to better society, Happybean is an online donation service and a platform for diverse philanthropic and public interest projects. Nonprofits can use Happybean to promote their projects and raise funds, and anyone with a NAVER account can show their support for Happybean projects. Nonprofits can fundraise online with Happybean’s Donation service, and individuals can donate to the cause they are most interested in. To promote fundraising campaigns and spotlight new causes, Happybean has a Double Project service, where it matches the amount raised.

Happybean’s Funding service targets nonprofit organizations, social ventures and other entrepreneurs tackling social issues. Even when the designated funding period has ended, the Empathy Store initiative helps the organization or individual become independent, whether through branding and website design, or marketing. Any company with an interest in social causes can join Happybean's Good Company Club and participate in donations or in promoting social causes.

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