Naver Library

An open space for knowledge and information sharing

Naver Library
The idea that libraries could be a little different

Naver library is a place for knowledge and information sharing, where everyone can access to free design books, IT expert publications, magazines, and independent publications. Discover new inspirations and knowledge in this space made of shelves differentiated according to the characteristics of their collection.

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Library floor info

  • 1F Magazine
    Over 250 Korean and overseas magazines
    Discover the latest trends in technology, fashion and lifestyle magazines
  • 1F Design
    17,000 design books
    Walk around the multitude of design books as if surrounded by a forest
  • 2F Encyclopedia
    Over 1,300 expert encyclopedias from around the world
    Expand your knowledge, lifelong learning and ideas
  • 2F IT
    7,000 IT publications for developers
    Find out a wide range of books in engineering, science and technology
  • 1, 2F
    Additional Facilities
    Cafe, Naver Brand Store, Web Accessibility Booth
A library that extends a helping hand to the vulnerable groups of society

Youth with developmental disabilities work as assistant baristas, helping make coffee.
Senior citizens work as assistant librarians, helping organize the library's books.