Protecting Personal Data

NAVER pledges not only secure services,
but also promises to adhere to a global standard of user privacy and data protection.

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  • Personal Data

    NAVER endeavors in a variety of ways to provide trustworthy services and manage user data securely. Conscious of its leading position in the field of personal data protection, NAVER also strives to set new precedents and contribute to personal data protection in South Korea in various ways. Updates about NAVER’s core activities in this area can be found in the Privacy section of our website.

    • Groundwork
      In the interests of encouraging a culture of safe and secure internet usage, NAVER has hosted educational programs, campaigns, and training sessions for startups and individual developers on user data protection.
    • Transparency
      As the first South Korean company to release reports on transparency, NAVER continues to publish a transparency report twice yearly. Going further, NAVER also releases evaluations from external organizations on NAVER’s efforts to protect user data.
    • Communication
      NAVER remains open about its efforts to protect user data, notably with its “Yearly Report on Personal Data Protection.” Through its official blog on data protection, as well as its social media accounts, NAVER also encourages direct feedback from users on data and privacy issues.
    • Research
      Through research in domestic data protection trends and case studies, as well as external consultants, NAVER works ceaselessly to improve personal data security. The regularly published Privacy Whitepaper also represents NAVER's commitment to the advancement of user data protection in South Korea.