NAVER Project Flower

NAVER Project Flower is a key NAVER campaign that aims to unearth
and promote small businesses and creatives

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When small businesses and creatives flourish, it increases the chances that a greater number of users will be exposed to a diverse quality content, in turn creating new business opportunities, as this diverse content reaches larger audiences.
NAVER’s developers, strategists and design architects launched NAVER Project Flower in the hopes of encouraging such a mutually beneficial, virtuous cycle. NAVER Project Flower is about promoting the value of niche content, diamonds in the rough, and one-person enterprises. It's about the collective fountain effect of such individual successes.
NAVER provides the technology and platform, the soil for NAVER Project Flower to grow and thrive.

AI, self-driving cars, and automated speech recognition and translation: advanced technologies exist, but are seen as inaccessible. NAVER aims to make these technologies available in our daily lives, and to help individuals leverage these technologies for greater growth and opportunities. This is what drives NAVER's shift to becoming a technology platform. This is what guides NAVER Project Flower.

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With technology, NAVER can help anyone create their own content and connect with others

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    • AI platform of the future, Clova
    • In-vehicle infotainment platform, AWAY
    • Ambient intelligence for kids, AKI
    • Autonomous service robot platform, AROUND
    • Human-power amplification technology, AIRCART
    • Indoor autonomous mapping robot, M1