Respect for Human Rights

NAVER respects the human rights of all who are connected to NAVER—users, businesses, partners,
employees—and strives to take part in activities that create a discrimination-free world.

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  • Respect for
    Human Rights

    • NAVER creates a discrimination-free working environment that allows everyone to produce their best results while offering support and investments for individuals to work to their best abilities and contribute to society.
      NAVER supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization, and based on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, NAVER continually prepares policies for the protection and promotion of human rights for all third business parties and members regarding mutual respect, safe and healthy workplaces, wages and working hours, freedom of association, and group negotiations and actively communicates such matters.
      NAVER does not discriminate for reasons of education, region, age, gender, race, skin color, religions, nationality, pregnancy, sexual orientation, marriage, mental/physical disabilities, or political viewpoints and strictly prohibits harassment in the workplace, male supremacy, oppressive speech and behavior, forced labor, and child labor.
      NAVER respects the basic rights of workers, concluded an agreement with the Trade Union through collective bargaining, founded the labor-management council, NAVER Valuable Opinion (NVO), and continues to make improved working environments through labor-management communication.
      In order to take action against the COVID-19 pandemic, NAVER offers various services and programs that use NAVER’s exclusive technology and data as efforts to help quickly put an end to the disaster.
    • NAVER performs various activities to create a discrimination-free online world.
      In 2013, NAVER opened ‘NAVER accessibility experience’ on the second floor of its Green Factory office building to help the public understand the importance and necessity of web accessibility.
      The public can experience how the visually disabled and disabled athletes use NAVER through this space.
      Furthermore, NAVER shares its web accessibility technology and expert expertise through the annual web accessibility seminar held with NULI, a website that shares information on web accessibility.
      NAVER will continually strive to create an environment in which anyone can equally access the web and use the provided information to easily experience a broader world through the web.