Sustainable Management

NAVER establishes and realizes plans to create a sustainable future based on environmental, social and governance
(ESG) factors to heighten the values of enterprises and various concerned parties from a long-term standpoint.

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NAVER continues to pioneer new ways through constant innovations, sharing information and intelligence through technology that connects people with people while striving to make the world more convenient and closer, in order that its important values are recognized in the global market.

NAVER’s technology and platform is the soil on which sustainable values can grow and the nutrient that creates a social ripple effect. With awareness of creators’ efforts to create better contents and belief in the potentials of start-ups and SMEs that challenge existing markets with new ideas, NAVER has endeavored to use the power of connection to help individuals grow and experience opportunities in a wider world.

In addition to the importance of growth, which is essential in becoming a sustainable enterprise, NAVER strives to become a company that forms proper relations and offers satisfaction through continuous communication with various concerned parties from users and creators to SMEs, employees, partners and local communities.

As a part of performing such activities, NAVER aims to elevate enterprise value as a long-term goal and establish directions for the advancement of ESG strategies as a member of society with mid- to long-term goals while increasing its capacities.

NAVER responds proactively to the reinforcements of domestic and foreign environmental regulations through thorough facility management, response to climate change, and capacity for eco-friendly businesses. Furthermore, as a leading online and global enterprise, NAVER makes continuous innovations and takes on challenges to realize sustainable growth that falls in step with both domestic and international social standards.

NAVER is a place where the synergy among people, technology, and information are maximized. By focusing on sustainability, NAVER will utilize its capacities and assets to discover what the world wants in advance and take part in honest activities that result in the healthy growth of users and partners around the world as means of discovering paths that have positive influences on society.

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Direction for elevating ESG-based enterprise values

Maximizing business value
  • Environment-friendly e-commerce ecosystem
    • Continuously increase investments in eco-friendly packaging materials
    • Increase eco-friendly product branding
    • Induce partner participation
  • Reinforce competitiveness of human capital
    • Increase investments for elevation of employee devotion & satisfaction
    • Reinforce employee training system
    • Grant employee stock option
  • Increase partner growth support
    • Increase creation of social values through NAVER Business School
    • Increase mutual funding for mutual growth
  • Increase shareholder value
    • Present stable dividend policies
    • Establish and present transparent and predictable shareholder return policies
    • Maintain governance transparency of high standard
Minimizing Operational risk
  • Attain 2040 Carbon Negative
    • Maintain PUE of Data Center and continue making improvements
    • Increase use of renewable energy
    • Discover eco-friendly products and increase investments for solution to reduce carbon
  • Minimize cyber security risks and enhance information protection
    • Operate an information security management system run by a top management group and experts in and outside the company
    • Continuously advance solutions for cyber security risk management and information protection
  • Reinforce management of fair trade and ethical management
    • Intensify anti-corruption risk management system and information notice
    • Continually reduce cases of risks regarding ethical management/compliance, and reinforce related measures