Inclusive Growth

Through diverse partnerships and collaborations
NAVER aims to contribute to a robust internet ecosystem.

Inclusive Growth image
  • Constructing a
    System for Fair Trade

    NAVER considers its vendors equal partners in the industry, and has pledged, in its “Ethical Transactions Agreement” of 2015, to pursue inclusive growth through mutual cooperation. NAVER adheres to four major practices for inclusive growth, and has also instituted policies for ethical business practices and data protection. Finally, in its electronic payment system, NAVER adheres to specific guidelines for transparency and fairness.

  • Customized Assistance
    for NAVER Partners

    NAVER has a variety of programs designed to help its main partners in their businesses, in a diverse range of areas, including finance, management, education, and market expansion.

  • Dedicated Partner
    Communication Channel

    A dedicated inclusive growth team runs a “Partnersline,” a helpline for NAVER partners to make suggestions or ask questions. NAVER’s abiding commitment to partner communication can also be seen in initiatives like Partners’ Day, an event for promoting NAVER's vision for inclusive growth.